Monday, 15 May 2017

Down in the big country

I woke up and I was in Texas.  I knew it was Texas because when I lifted the top of the hotel waffle machine my waffle was in the shape of Texas.  I told the hotel clerk we were moving here from Maryland.  "Maryland?" she asked.  "Where's that?  Is it in Texas?"

Fortunately our delivery driver knew the way and arrived outside our house in an 18-wheeled juggernaut.  Having done this moving thing a few times I have to say that this was the best yet - no breakages, fewer scratches and dents than usual, and only a teapot lid and some reusable shopping bags missing.

The movers unpacked as well, although this just means that things get taken out of boxes and piled up rather than being left in said boxes.  It's a race against time putting things away so as not to suffocate under your own junk; a karmic experiment in materialism.

Hannah, who doesn't like tidying and isn't stupid, starts work tomorrow, and me and Pete...well, we're gonna start hard on becoming Texans!  Y'all.

A waffle the size of Texas.

Are you sure you brought a big enough truck?

After seeing all our stuff we're going for the minimalist approach from now on.

Phew - they remembered to deliver the child.

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