Saturday, 13 May 2017

Paradise regained

We finished off our beach holiday and drove back to DC, on our way to Houston.  Not the most direct route but there was some complication with getting our car picked up here so we could then fly down.  It all uses oil, so Hannah's happy.  

Far more importantly, our circuitous route allowed us to go to Claire's first communion!  As we'd been at her birth in Berkeley (almost) and her christening in Texas it seemed only right, as good brother and sister Anglicans, to make sure her Roman Catholic progress continues.

This was my first first communion, and it might have been because it was American but it was large!  In numbers and also in outfits - dozens of eight- and nine-year-old princesses in snow white dresses, most with tiaras and veils, some with gloves, at least one with an ermine shawl.  Only the priests were dressed more fancily!  The poor boys looked smart in their mini suits but couldn't compete.

Claire, of course, outshone them all, opting for a simple laced dress with floral detailing that would have made Audrey Hepburn proud.  She was focusing on spiritual matters; her namesake St Claire of Assisi would approve (patron saint of eye disease and laundry, among other things).

Afterwards there was a lot of cake and then present opening back at the Mucker house.  Claire got some wonderful jewelry and a version of the Bible in comic form (who could have given her that fantastic gift?)  Now we're looking forward to the next life event of Claire's we'll attend.  Confirmation?  Graduation?  Inauguration?

Getting ready for the big occasion.

 A vision of heaven.

A vision of hell...?

A flock (?) of first communicants.

Claire, standing out from the crowd, as ever.


Processing in.

After party.

VIP guests got to the buffet first.

Lining up in ascending height/holiness.

Many blessings!

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Margaret said...

Glad to see the unhappy boy isn't Petah, who seems totally at
home amidst all that religiosity! Thanks, David. Hello, Hannah!!