Saturday, 3 June 2017


At this fractious time on our planet it's good to remember what binds us together as a species, and that is meat wrapped in dough.  From the Cornish pasty to the Chilean empanada, the Chinese xioa long bao to the New Zealand meat pie, we humans love nothing better than pastry or bread wrapped around parts of an animal.

So it was with joy and a healthy international spirit that we embraced Houston's own bread-and-meat combo: the kolache.  Of course, like virtually everything in America, this is an import, all the way from the Czech bit of Eastern Europe and now available throughout the south, although fittingly it is only in Texas that meat is the main filling.

It was hard to choose where to buy our first kolache.  The Kolache Factory?  Olde Towne Kolaches?  Mornings Kolaches?  All only open until noon - the kolache is a morning ritual.  We settled on the Kolache Shoppe, despite the dubious (and fake British) way of spelling.

I can report that the merchandise was every bit as yummy as every other worldwide version of this treat, innards dripping with scrambled egg and bacon, sausage, cream name it.  We ate a lot, and celebrated our proficiency in finding carnivorous bakery goodies anywhere on the planet.  What the world needs now is love, sweet love, and kolaches.

Give me the kolaches!

Round one: meat.


And for desert?  Kolaches!

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Lauren Lyon said...

Was it hot outside or was poor Pete getting the meat sweats?