Sunday, 4 June 2017

Under the bonnet

In this country you usually have to get out into the empty spaces to find the really odd stuff, like the pyramid at the center of the world, or the Miracle of America Museum, but thankfully Houston has its own share of weird and wonderful well within the city limits.  Is this because we're in Texas?  I couldn't possibly comment.

Every year there's a grand procession of automobiles through the centre of town: The Houston Art Car Parade!  It's an opportunity for people to do anything they can think of with/to/for cars then drive them around, and it's not even sponsored by Chevron.  Sadly we have to wait until April 2018 for the next one, but a tiny Art Car Museum exists to keep the motor running in between.

"Car" might be a loose way to describe what was in here.  I mean, there was one made of spoons.  There were also more traditional, hand-painted and hand-welded examples, with bat wings and monster heads, and a video about someone's wrought iron VW Beetle.

I've been amazed by what Houston drivers consider to be legal manoeuvers when out on the roads but even the most Texan traffic cop might raise an eye (or maybe just a gun) if one of these drove by.  Best stick with the Ford Fiesta for now.

Pete decides to check under the bonnet of "Spoonozoid".

Reflecting on it all.

Look out behind you.

Still a bit fancy for my liking.  I think I'm happy with our coat of "Magnetic Grey".

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