Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Dependence Day

Just like America declaring independence, it was time for me to emancipate myself from my parents (or was it the other way around?)  We waved them off from George Bush airport and I've just heard that - after some minor kerfuffles with National Express coaches - they've made it home.

The last few days of their stay involved a packed schedule of dashing from one air-conditioned place to another as temperatures soared to 100F+.  Dad was able to flash his Royal Navy credentials and board the local warship, USS Texas, and Pete took his Grandparents around his favourite museums.

And now, just like America, I realise that independence from kind and loving parents isn't what it's cracked up to be.  Mum, Dad, Britain - come back and re-embrace your errant child soon!

Arriving on Mars.

Some are more independent than others.

Mum gets acquainted with slothzilla at the Houston Museum of Natural History.

Modern (and ancient) art at the Menil Collection.

High-calibre mother.

Dad brings out the big guns.

Not like the cruises they normally go on.

Dipping her toes in the Gulf of Mexico.

One of these will change, the other never will.

Love is like a butterfly.

In the Houston butterfly house.

Don't ask me, I studied theology.

Pete in a periscope.

4th July celebrations, adding a few names to the Declaration.

Dad enjoys some patriotic games.

Why are Grandma's visits so popular?

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