Thursday, 20 July 2017

Home improvement

"Come on, how difficult can remodeling a kitchen be?" I asked Hannah, only somewhat rhetorically.  Her withering gaze was all the answer I needed and - to be fair - a 1973 MG Midget in pieces in my brother-in-law's garage shows that I may not be the most adept at putting things back together.  So I threw myself into the crazy world of American home contractors.

First was a designer lady who had done the bathrooms for the previous owner.  "Yeah...I could do this for around sixty-five thousand," she told me with no hint of a smile.  "OK.  How about we drop these bits," I suggested, choking slightly, trying to communicate that I didn't care whether the marble came from Sicily or Skegness.  "Hmm...still about sixty-five thousand," she told me.  Again and again.

Then there was a builder who turned out to be British!  Yay!  Except, after much nagging, he still hasn't got back to us with a quote.  Just like a British builder.

Finally we found Regina who, like a detective from a hard-boiled novel, is happy to cut some corners to get the job done.  That's my language, and so far things have gone very smoothly.  "So far" because we have not yet entered the rebuilding stage.  If a kitchen lacks cupboards, work surfaces, a sink, a cooker, etc. is it still a kitchen?

But there are tiles in the garage that I'm told will be on the floor tomorrow and cabinet construction commences at the weekend.  The whole thing should be completed in two weeks.  Ha!  I'm sure I could have done it quicker and cheaper myself, but there we are.  Anyone want to buy an almost complete MG Midget?

This is the kitchen that was.

I was entrusted with hanging up the dust sheets in the garage.  They fell down, but I hung them up again.

Looks like I put a bit too much chili in my con carne!

And then they took the walls away.  So this is how things are right now!

And the current "kitchen".  Espresso machine, camping stove, toaster...what more do you need?  Don't bother putting that other one back together.

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