Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Long way home

Some time ago, when we lived in Washington DC and life seemed stable, we booked tickets back to the UK.  Then Hannah found a job she fancied and we were suddenly in Houston.  Now the flight dates have come around and the cheapest connecting route took us through New Orleans via a night with the Muckers to Baltimore and thence to London.  Hannah should be here sometime next week (that was planned - we didn't lose her on the way).

As tradition dictates, Ellen and Meg picked us up and my mother managed to wait an hour of her Grandson being in the country before arriving and bringing us back to the soft green fields of Somerset.  As tradition also dictates, we've already caught up with many friends and eaten plenty of nice meals in the three days so far.  And I thought Texas would be bad for my waistline...

Getting ready to sleep on the overnight flight to London...which didn't help as Pete ate dinner, watched several films, and had about two hours' sleep in 36.

"I don't want anyone to panic," said the stewardess, "but is there anyone on board who can land a plane?!"

Very pleased to see Meg in Heathrow.

Back in Frome, in Grandpa's shed, with Godfather Mat.

With Godmother Emily and Greatgodmother Julia.

Playdate with Ruth and Bethan in Bath.  "Can I live with them?" asked Pete afterwards.  Of course!

My sister got in some delicacies for me.

And some more.

How his Grandmother sees him.

Then on Wednesday I went into London with Mat and met Sharon!  We were all at Durham together years ago?!  No!!

Meanwhile, in Somerset.

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