Friday, 4 August 2017

Cowboys and artisans

Although I'm sure I could have done it quicker and cheaper myself, I'm pleased to report that our kitchen is now habitable again!  It was all a lot easier than I anticipated - it's amazing how quickly the scouting skills returned once I began cooking on a camping stove again.  But after a dusty few weeks we now have tiles on the floor, cupboards on the walls, and a working fridge.  Paradise, basically.

It was a mixed bunch of men (all men, apart from project manager Regina) who processed through our door, some skilled artisans and some seemingly...less than skilled.  Being British we put a few things right ourselves rather than causing a fuss - the greatest British crime!  In the end I opted to fit our under cabinet lighting myself and Hannah was graceful enough to let me.  Voltage is only 110 here anyway, so it's half as dangerous as doing it in the UK.  I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.

Of course, I'm expected to cook things and make coffee for Hannah again, something cleverly avoided with the excuse "but we don't have a kitchen!"  Now that we do, Hello! Magazine asked if they could come in for a photoshoot...

Hannah and David invite you into their beautiful new kitchen that they spent literally dollars on.

Houseproud Hannah understands the importance of keeping her new kitchen clean and tidy!

David enjoys cooking family meals in small saucepans.  He's wearing clothes that mostly come from thrift stores.

An intimate moment as David instructs Hannah on how to use his espresso machine in their newly redesigned coffee bar.


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Lauren Lyon said...

Congratulations! It looks BEAUTIFUL!