Saturday, 30 August 2008

Go Bears!

After the rodeo of last week, today involved another big juicy slice of American culture. It was the first football ("American" - not real football) game of the season, between the Cal Golden Bears and Michigan State, and beforehand it's obligatory to attend the tailgate. This was held in the business school plaza and involved gourmet burgers, weak American beer and lots of people wearing collegiate t-shirts and shouting "Go Bears!"

We didn't stay for the game. Can something that involves more standing around than playing actually count as a sport? Then again, as a fan of cricket, perhaps I shouldn't throw stones.

Waiting for the bus in university village in the sunshine. I had a dream the other night that it rained! I never counted on missing that particular bit of English life.

If you performed a song you got your burger for free. I asked if I could sing "God Save the Queen", and was told it was probably ok as long as I added "Go Bears!" on the end.

Lots of people eating and drinking, in official merchandise.

Jack and Amanda on the free trolly bus they put on for match days.